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Some of you have just arrived after experiencing SOAP for the first time in a LIFEJournaling Experience offered by Grace UMC. The informal gathering at Panera Bread Company in Jackson, Tennessee was a joy to be a part of, and I’m grateful for the chance to teach folks what I’ve learned about this journaling tool. I encourage you to look over the posts of the past few months and get a feel for some of the possible ways to respond in...

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Protected: SOAPing up my Kids

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Today, I taught my kids how to use SOAP. Perhaps for the first time, I really feel like I’ve given them something solid that will allow them to have their own relationship with Jesus instead of experiencing my relationship with God as if it were their own. My prayer is that they will come to know and love the Creator as I have. Moreover, I pray that they will enter into a full relationship with the God who loves them so much. Jesus is a...

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Two-a-days. That’s the secret. Its how the JV football team gets broken in. Two practices a day. And its how distracted disciples catch up on what God has been trying to do in their lives.  Hopefully, this points out that it is forgiveable that you don’t read every day. Pastors miss the mark, too–more often than we’d like to admit. Feel free to nudge me along in this...

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Establishing Your Christology

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Say what? “Christology” is simply “how Christ’s role and purpose are defined.” This is important because Christ can be seen in so many roles. Healer, teacher, sacrifice, Son of God, son of men, leader, servant, political activist, exorcist, and so on. N.T. Wright writes considerably of the nature of God’s Son. You can read much of Wright’s work at the N.T. Wright page. His treatment of Jesus and his...

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Reading with Purpose

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Reading the Bible can be daunting. As a good friend of mine once said, “I’m not sure what it is that I’m supposed to be accomplishing here.” Here are some suggested goals and ideas: Look for a character in the story who reminds you of yourself. Examine what happened to him or her. Compare your actions with his or hers. How will your actions produce similar or different results? Watch for a word that resonates with your...

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Journaling 101

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As if reading the Bible weren’t hard enough… S.O.A.P. puts an additional task to the disciple: Journaling. How does one write in a SOAP journal without writing too much, or saying too little? This isn’t a diary. But its not a simple test of reading comprehension either. In the observations, in particular, try to capture what “jumped out at you.” Listen for God’s voice. If you are a mystic at heart, that will...

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