You’ve Got to Want To

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I am about 9. The lights are in my eyes, and I feel like I need to throw up, go to the bathroom, or maybe pass out. There are adults cheering. My parents are encouraging me. And the kids around me are either yelling or staring at me like I am a mortal enemy. If you’re thinking I’m talking about Little League Baseball, you are a very astute individual. The pitcher is throwing the ball towards me. It isn’t really to the catcher,...

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Tacit Approval – Blood Money in Sports

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When I heard about the New Orleans Saints investigation involving multiple players and coaches, it sounded like just another scandal. This time, it involved players and coaches who were targeting players on opposing teams for injury. In some cases, the intent was to remove them for the game. Others were targeted for more lasting injuries. USA Today describes the bounty program in this way: The league found that the cash pool reached $50,000 or...

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Predatory Lending

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I’m a member of a covenant accountability discipleship group. That’s a fancy way of saying that I have brothers in Christ who ask me, very intentionally, if I am doing what I said I would do and being who I said I would be. Our covenant is simple: We’ve agreed to pray daily. We’ve agreed to fast weekly. We’ve agreed to participate in the Lord’s Supper twice monthly. Our covenant also includes some intentional...

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Separation of Separation of Church and State

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No, it’s not a mistake. The title reads, “The Separation of the Separation of Church and State.” People have been harping for years that we need to keep the State out of the Church and the Church out of the State. And they are mostly right. But many of them are only half right. You see, the phrase doesn’t mean what some think it means. Common Definition of  Separation of Church and State: “You are free to believe...

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Do the Math

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From Wikipedia Statisticians improve the quality of data with the design of experiments and survey sampling. Statistics also provides tools for prediction and forecasting using data and statistical models. Statistics is applicable to a wide variety of academic disciplines, including natural and social sciences, government, and business. Statistical consultants are available to provide help for organizations and companies without direct access...

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