Communism, Facism, and Christianity

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Recently, I spent the day with a friend who would probably like nothing better than to exhume Hitler‘s dead body and raise it from the dead just so he could kill him again. Same goes for Stalin and a few other evil world leaders. We had a great conversation about the differences between fascism and communism and why both are hated in this country. I spent much of the morning cringing at his vehemence. It’s not that I don’t...

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What Christians Can Learn from Street Photography

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I love photography. I follow several photography blogs in addition to the lengthy list of folks¬†who are “also thinking about church.” So you can imagine that I sometimes run the two topics together. On a recent blog at Strobist, I watched a video about a young French photographer who dreamed up a whole new way to do “ambush portraiture.” Usually you just walk up to someone and ask to take their photo. You hope you have...

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The Kingdom of Heaven is like…

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West Tennessee and Western Kentucky are suffering from one of the worst droughts in recent memory. ¬†Crops are dying. That means farmers are watching a year’s salary literally burn up. People are falling victim to heat stroke. Yards are going from green to brown to “dirt” in some places. As of June 25, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, was 15.38 inches of precipitation below normal for the year, Paducah, Kentucky was 13.01 inches...

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