Grace Anyway

Posted by on May 18, 2012 in General Rant, Leading the Church, Leading the Local Congregation, Main, Memphis Conference, Methodism, Pop Culture, Society at Large | 0 comments

I don’t think there was ever a time when I didn’t know that my heroes were flawed. I grew up in the days following Nixon, Watergate, Viet Nam, race riots, and the burgeoning practice of assuming that great men and women were not perfect. Leaders could be trusted, but only to a certain extent. A prime example was Ronald Reagan. His rise to power was a renewal of trust after years of brokenness in the White House. But when the...

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Does Not Compute: Metrics are Bad?

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Logic seems to have failed some of us Methodists — probably because we aren’t Vulcans, or something like that. United Methodists all over the blogosphere and twitterverse are posting and tweeting logical fallacies right and left, mostly in the area of the recent Call to Action initiative that will be addressed at General Conference in just a few days. Most recently, a photo of a recent denominational meeting has been circulating....

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Trayvon Martin – Twice Victimized

Posted by on Mar 24, 2012 in Blogroll, General Rant, Main, Society at Large, US Politics | 6 comments

Trayvon Martin’s death has been called a tragedy. It has been called a murder. It has been called justifiable homicide. His killer, George Zimmerman, has been called a murderer, a racist, and a vigilante. The silence from white evangelicals has been deafening. The clamor from the african-american community has been building to a roar. Bloggers like Drew Hart are rightly asking, “Where are the protests from white religious leaders...

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Tacit Approval – Blood Money in Sports

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When I heard about the New Orleans Saints investigation involving multiple players and coaches, it sounded like just another scandal. This time, it involved players and coaches who were targeting players on opposing teams for injury. In some cases, the intent was to remove them for the game. Others were targeted for more lasting injuries. USA Today describes the bounty program in this way: The league found that the cash pool reached $50,000 or...

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