Grace Anyway

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I don’t think there was ever a time when I didn’t know that my heroes were flawed. I grew up in the days following Nixon, Watergate, Viet Nam, race riots, and the burgeoning practice of assuming that great men and women were not perfect. Leaders could be trusted, but only to a certain extent. A prime example was Ronald Reagan. His rise to power was a renewal of trust after years of brokenness in the White House. But when the...

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Low Miles, Excellent Condition: Young Leaders in the UMC

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Conversations with bold, young leaders are often difficult for me, mostly because I remember those early days out of seminary when I still knew everything. I had been drawn through a very complex set of ideas on a three year journey to enlightenment, and I was ready to unleash myself upon the world. The reason those conversations can be difficult is that those conversations remind me of my own shortsightedness. I wasn’t prepared to take...

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Surprise, More Eisegesis

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Let’s get right to it:  I’d like you to consider an increasingly widespread problem of poor interpretation of Scripture. I refer to colleagues who seem to disregard Scripture when it disagrees with the modern culture. You see it more and more in our denomination, especially around the convening of General Conference. Every seminarian was once taught that Scripture is the shaper of culture and life, not the other way around....

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A Good Start

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Piperton UMC is my new church home. I was appointed here in June. The past few months have been the usual exercises in unpacking boxes, replacing lost or broken items from the move, and getting to know my new church family. One of the reasons I was sent here is because of the demographic explosion that Piperton, TN is facing. We have a ripe opportunity to reach a large segment of the population of Fayette county over the next few years as the...

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