Creating Covenant Accountability

Posted by on Mar 13, 2014 in Discipleship, Leading the Church, Leading the Local Congregation, Main | 0 comments

The hardest thing about creating covenant accountability is the decision to be accountable in the first place. This year, I’ve renewed my participation in a covenant discipleship group. I also continue to be in covenant with a group of leaders here at the church. My pastor, Dr. Richard Clark, is participating in covenant with my Bishop, Bill McAllily. In the next few weeks, the SPRC and I will hammer out our covenant for work together as...

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Not Under a Party Hat

Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in General Rant, Leading the Church, Leading the Local Congregation, Main, Methodism, Pop Culture, Society at Large | 0 comments

Christmas has been great. Laurinda and I enjoyed all the facets of the holiday with one exception. We didn’t find any mistletoe. Granted, we don’t exactly need it. But it’s traditional to “kiss under the mistletoe.” It’s also traditional to make a resolution on New Year’s Eve, typically while wearing a party hat or those really cool new year’s eve glasses. But this year, I’m asking the folks...

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A Different Nativity — or Is It?

Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Leading the Local Congregation, Main, Pop Culture, Sermons, Society at Large | 0 comments

  I’m a social media junkie. When I cruise through Facebook and Twitter, I feel like John Wesley on a digital destrier, riding from village to village with good news, learning about the people of that hamlet, and providing presence albeit in a limited form. There are some distinct differences. Take, for example, the prevalence of sarcasm and irony online. Recently, I ran across the weirdest nativity scene I’ve ever encountered....

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Young Disciples Are Ready

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Leading the Local Congregation, Main, Memphis Conference, Methodism, Society at Large | 0 comments

I’m a big believer in Confirmation. Theologically, it is vital to any denomination that embraces Infant Baptism, and I certainly do. Practically, it is a time when youth and their parents can really begin to take hold of the concepts of discipleship. That’s why I met with my new church’s most recent batch of confirmands today. I missed out on the biggest class the church has ever seen by a few weeks, so I felt it a priority to...

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How to Be Prolific Online in a Couple of Hours a Week

Posted by on Apr 12, 2012 in Blogroll, General Rant, Leading the Church, Leading the Local Congregation, Main, Pop Culture, Sermons, Society at Large | 2 comments

Folks who follow me on Facebook and Twitter might have noticed that I seem to have two voices. The reason for that is simple: I do. They are closely related, mostly because they are both me. And I don’t like to divide myself into “Pastor Joey” and “Just Plain Joey.”  But it is impossible to “wear the collar” all the time. So I post fun things about the things that interest me, pictures of family, and...

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