Surprise, More Eisegesis

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Let’s get right to it:  I’d like you to consider an increasingly widespread problem of poor interpretation of Scripture. I refer to colleagues who seem to disregard Scripture when it disagrees with the modern culture. You see it more and more in our denomination, especially around the convening of General Conference. Every seminarian was once taught that Scripture is the shaper of culture and life, not the other way around....

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There’s a Baby in that Bathwater, Jeff

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You’ve probably seen this already, the viral video about one young man’s effort to dissect his faith and remove the evil that has grown up inside it. Jefferson Bethke titles his spoken word missive, “I Hate Religion.” See it here. His goal is to remove “religion” from his relationship with Jesus. I don’t think he can do it. The problem here is the notion that “having no religion at all” is...

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