Changing the World — and the Difficulty of Power

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When I was coming through the process of becoming a pastor, I had grand dreams of changing things for the better. Changing the culture, changing people, changing churches — changing everything. I spent years banging my head against walls (some of which cracked and came down — draw your own conclusions about the state of my cranial integrity). I spent years whooping up on folks (for all the “right” reasons), and sometimes...

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Do the Math

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From Wikipedia Statisticians improve the quality of data with the design of experiments and survey sampling. Statistics also provides tools for prediction and forecasting using data and statistical models. Statistics is applicable to a wide variety of academic disciplines, including natural and social sciences, government, and business. Statistical consultants are available to provide help for organizations and companies without direct access...

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A Vision for the Future: Premise (1/5)

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I love science fiction. I’ve been waiting for years for Michio Kaku to reveal the fact that we will finally get our flying cars and personal robot assistants. But you don’t hear too many people talking about the distant future of the Church, except for maybe John’s Revelation. The General Board of Discipleship has gathered some of the leading minds in the United Methodist Church and asked them to pull back the veil on the...

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