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SCRIPTURE: Numbers 7; Psalm 23; Acts 27

Acts 27:33-34
With dawn about to break, Paul called everyone together and proposed breakfast: “This is the fourteenth day we’ve gone without food. None of us has felt like eating! But I urge you to eat something now. You’ll need strength for the rescue ahead. You’re going to come out of this without even a scratch!”

Fasting is sometimes a response to the trauma around us, but it is always to be a response to deeply felt pain, grief, or stress.

Don’t spend too much time away. Know when to end the fast, whatever kind of fasting it may be.

God, call me from the table. Call me to the table. Silence my words; give me words to speak. In Christ, amen.

Author: Joey Reed

Joey is married to his best friend and they live in Kentucky. Joey serves Mayfield First United Methodist Church, the Purchase District, the Memphis Annual Conference, and the world is his parish.