Deeper Questions from the Death of Trayvon Martin

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More details on Trayvon Martin’s death have been released. I’ve added them as edits to a recent post about the victimization the african-american community is feeling. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have recently led demonstrations. Bloggers all over the world are speaking out. News media have exhausted the facts and are well into the opinion phase. We have enough to ask some hypothetical questions: If Trayvon Martin attacked George...

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Trayvon Martin – Twice Victimized

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Trayvon Martin’s death has been called a tragedy. It has been called a murder. It has been called justifiable homicide. His killer, George Zimmerman, has been called a murderer, a racist, and a vigilante. The silence from white evangelicals has been deafening. The clamor from the african-american community has been building to a roar. Bloggers like Drew Hart are rightly asking, “Where are the protests from white religious leaders...

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A Vision for the Future: Questions (4/5)

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Who are we? Where are we? What is the problem? What is the solution? These four questions round out the scholarly method used by N.T. Wright to examine some of the deepest questions of our faith. Wright has examined Jesus, Paul, the notion of the Kingdom of Heaven, and taken on the most confusing issues of our beliefs, including atonement, the Resurrection, and many more. With apologies to my favorite theologian, I am taking up his method to...

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There’s a Baby in that Bathwater, Jeff

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You’ve probably seen this already, the viral video about one young man’s effort to dissect his faith and remove the evil that has grown up inside it. Jefferson Bethke titles his spoken word missive, “I Hate Religion.” See it here. His goal is to remove “religion” from his relationship with Jesus. I don’t think he can do it. The problem here is the notion that “having no religion at all” is...

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Why So Repetitive?

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Do you ever get tired of hearing how wonderful someone thinks you are? That’s a hard one to deny. We like it when the good stuff is repeated. And we may not like it as much, but we need to have the important things repeated so that they will stick in our head. I woke up this morning thinking about the things that matter. Not because they were already in my head, but because I know that I need the repetition. It’s important. The...

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